Lammkeule Femur

Informationen zum Produkt

GTIN / EAN: 99009629001850
LOT-Nr: 42020
Mattigtaler Lamm e.U.
Auerbach 4
Mattigtaler Lamm e.U.
Auerbach 4
Zuvor gefroren: nein

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With fTRACE you can trace products back to the individual batch. You can find out where a product comes from, when and how it was processed and how quality is controlled by the manufacturer.

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A service from GS1 Germany

fTRACE improves efficiency and trust of the entire supply chain by standardizing industries and enabling companies to share transparency information on batch level: A cross-sector traceability solution fully based on GS1 standards. fTRACE is a end-to-end traceability community solution provided by the fTRACE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GS1 Germany. The core of the fTRACE approach is to capture and share event based traceability data. Based on this, a variety of value adding applications such as fresh counter traceability, end consumer information and BI dashboards are provided for retailers, brand owners and manufacturer.

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