Traceability for meat at the fresh meat counter

  • A first for the meat counter: Traceability solution F-Trace increases efficiency, transparency and legal certainty
  • System approved with the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE) (Federal Office for Agriculture and Food)
  • Reta Award: EHI Retail Institutes recognises Edeka for traceability and digitalisation implementation using F-Trace

Köln, 28. Februar 2018. What's already possible for pre-packaged meat, fish and mixed products like cereals is now a reality for the fresh meat counter too: The traceability service F-Trace makes it possible for both retailers and consumers to trace goods back through each stage of their journey to the source. The solution simultaneously ensures retailers meet all of the relevant statutory requirements and allows them to check at any time whether all of the supplied data is complete and correct. Regulation 1337/2013, for instance, stipulates that information about the origin of meat as well as the place of rearing and slaughter of the animals is provided. All of the relevant details are stored in the web-based system for a period of at least two years, which means they are available to be retrieved, printed out and inspected within the scope of official food controls, for example. This has been verified by the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE) too.

Greater efficiency at the counter: Tablet instead of binders

There are other work routines associated with the meat counter that can be digitalised and optimised using F-Trace, including everything from unpacking and documentation procedures in the store to additional on-site processing and finally sale. With the help of scanners and labels, the employees are able to electronically record all stations and processing steps a product passes through - such as cutting for presentation at the meat counter - using a tablet. This makes the paper-based unpacking list, which is still in widespread use today, redundant too. The upshot: fewer errors and time savings that will likely have a positive impact on customer service, amongst other things. This creates satisfaction. And F-Trace can be used to build trust too: For the first time ever, consumers are able to learn about the origin of the goods on offer via a touchscreen directly at the service counter. Alternatively, they can retrieve the information using a smartphone app or from home using a computer.

Award winning: Reta Award for Edeka with F-trace

Edeka becomes the first retailer to use F-Trace for goods at the fresh meat counter. For its digitalisation and traceability implementation using F-Trace, the EHI Retail Institute yesterday recognised the food retailer in the category "Best In-Store Solution" with the Retail Technology Award Europe (Reta). Edeka implemented F-Trace in selected pilot stores to digitalise and optimise its counter processes relating to the traceability of fresh meat and fish products.

Mark Zeller, Chief Operating Officer at F-Trace, adds: "We're pleased that the roll-out of F-Trace at Edeka went so successfully. The award is also an honour for F-Trace as a pioneer of consumer-oriented and forward-looking value chains." F-Trace's future plans include implementing the system for delicatessen products, like the salads and convenience goods prepared in store, and further internationalisation.

A service from GS1 Germany

fTRACE improves efficiency and trust of the entire supply chain by standardizing industries and enabling companies to share transparency information on batch level: A cross-sector traceability solution fully based on GS1 standards. fTRACE is a end-to-end traceability community solution provided by the fTRACE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GS1 Germany. The core of the fTRACE approach is to capture and share event based traceability data. Based on this, a variety of value adding applications such as fresh counter traceability, end consumer information and BI dashboards are provided for retailers, brand owners and manufacturer.

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